Material Specifications
- All structures 100% steel construction.
General Structure


Constructed using 2.5 in. square 14 Ga. metal tubing

Size of 2" Square material requires nearly 3 times the force to bend as round material.

This means a complete galvanized square tubing will support thousands of pounds more than the same size structure built from round tubing. This added strength makes it much more wind resistant.


Sheet Metal:-

Utilizes  29 gauge top of the line Wheeling steel sheeting.  The triple coat corrosion protection provides a smooth product  appearance that is unmatched in terms of strength and durability.

A choice of 9 beautiful  colors are in stock now; with a limited warranty of up to 30 years. See the Wheeling website for details of warranty.

The painted roofing and siding is the number one seller throughout America, year after year. From coast to coast, all types of structures, from commercial to agricultural to residential, are covered with these attractive products.

The galvanized steel used in this product receives a dried in place seal coating that resists corrosion even more, a protective step often omitted by price-driven manufacturers. This coat also enables better primer coat adhesion.

The primer coat is then applied which provides outstanding top coat paint adhesion in addition to adding another layer of corrosion protection. After this process, the top coat paint is applied?a paint which has the highest gloss and best color retention in the industry, as well as excellent acid rain and chalking resistance.

The roofing and siding then undergoes a special roll-forming process. It's the roll-form that gives the product its extreme strength and crisp appearance. The product is then cut to length and shipped to the customer who will use it in a wide variety of construction projects.

Sheet Metal to Frame Attachment:-

These flat sheets when used with complete galvanized square tubing providea positive sheet to frame construction (unlike round tubing).

The 2x2 flat bearing surface provides better support and eliminates leaks, bends and dimples caused by misaligned screws.